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The story of this place begins in 1906 when "A.I.Abrikosov and Sons Co." opened a pastry shop at Nevsky 40. Today, in "Abrikosov" restaurant your can enjoy the unique atmosphere of St. Petersburg and, naturally, signature dishes of Russian and European cuisine served by our chef.


In early 20th century, merchant Abrikosov's pastry shop designed in the Chinese style, which was in fashion among local nobility, enjoyed exceptional popularity. The historic interior decor featuring carved wood ceiling panels and silk tapestry on the walls has survived until our days, and for years our coffee house and pastry shop have been famous as a legend of Nevsky prospect.


Coffee house hours: 09:00 AM - 11:00 PM
"A.I.Abrikosov & Sons", one of the oldest local pastry businesses, was founded by Alexey Abrikosov, a Russian trader and industrialist.
In the memory of the famous dynasty, we opened a small museum where you can learn some history or simply enjoy a cup of coffee in an early 20th century setting.


The success of our desserts is based on classical recipes and premium quality ingredients.
Our staff creates true pastry masterpieces — cakes, pastries and hand-made chocolates — which you can order in our online store.


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8 (812) 312-24-57
40, Nevsky prospect,
St. Petersburg
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Coffee house hours:

09:00 AM - 11:00 PM